Sunday, 5 June 2016

Don't always give; Receive

Maybe the title has caught you off guard a little. Haven't we always been taught to always give?

I recently read a book by Francine Rivers, titled Bridge to Haven and thought about this little lesson that I am going to share to you guys.

Abra is a sweetheart who grew up in church, surrounded by people who loved her more than she imagined. However since young she struggled with self-identity and overwhelmed by feeling of rejection because her biological mother had abandoned her when she was just a newborn. Even though while growing up, she was loved dearly and genuinely by her adoptive family and friends, she couldn't shake off the feeling of being unwanted and an outcast. Until one day she decided to leave Haven, her home, in search for the life in which she can be someone everyone adores, the life she thought she didn't already have, the life she thought she wanted all these time. But things didn't work out as well as she had planned it to be, Abra's story when she left home is similar to the story of Prodigal Son in the bible. After realising her mistakes, she wanted to go home to her family, to everyone in Haven but couldn't because she thought everyone would have hated her for what she had done. Thus she built another wall around herself, made up of hurt pride and ego.

After some time of fighting her ego, she gathered the courage to go back home. Abra finally learnt to receive the forgiveness, abundant grace and love being poured to herself unconditionally by her family and surrounding community. And the beautiful thing is, when she was overwhelmed with grace and love, it overflowed. Just when Abra thought her life was now perfect, one lady came up to her one day and confessed that she was actually her biological mother. But because she was now full of grace and love, she was able to look at her mother, through the eyes of grace instead of condemnation.

Learn to receive forgiveness, grace and love 

Don't let pride and ego stand in the way and prevent you from receiving God's grace and love. Nothing you did in the past can change God's provision of grace and love for you. Just like Abra's family in Haven and her, the Father in the story of Prodigal Son with his son, and the Lord with all of us. Learn to receive His grace and love, so that it is in you and overflows to others through you.

We cannot give what we do not have, thus learn to receive, so that we can give.

Be blessed always. 

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