Monday, 5 September 2016

"But My love won't fail," says the LORD

Hi blessed readers, hope you are all well in Christ.

Something sweet happened to me some time last week and I want to write about it and share with you guys. So, last during my small group (we call it DATE in my home church, JPCC) session, we sang this beautiful song by JPCC Worship: More Than Enough. Even though this song was originally released a while ago, but I haven't really listened to the whole complete song yet, so it was kind of my first time hearing it last week and the song was captivating.

On Sunday that week in church, they played a praise song titled Kembali by JPCC Worship Youth before service started, and it was another song that I loved. So while listening to the song and waiting for service to start, I had just a slight thought in my mind that it would be great if the worship team decided to sing those two songs during service; it would be a perfect combination, I wished in my heart.

The praise and worship team members started to fill up the stage and the rest of us stood up, ready for a great service ahead and, lo and behold, we were all singing Kembali. I was beaming from ear to ear. After praise song, the worship leaders led us into time of worship and well to my another pleasant surprise, we were humming to the tune of More Than Enough. I didn't know what happened then, such a coincidence. When the music started playing, I found tears flowing down my cheeks uncontrollably.

I knew right there and then, my God is always by my side and He listens to the desires of my heart. Such a simple and trivial wish of singing two specific songs, He listened and answered my silent request. How much more will He pay attention to our lives, problems and desires. So if you ever think or question whether God is there to listen to your prayers, to notice your desires or not, don't worry because He does. And He only wants the best for you, His children.

Below are the links to those two beautiful songs, please enjoy
More Than Enough:

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